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Tips On Choosing The Right Flowers For Your Loved One’s Grave

Tips On Choosing The Right Flowers For Your Loved One’s Grave


Historically, humans have celebrated the lives of the people they care about by leaving flowers or mementos at their gravesites. To make this gesture even more meaningful, you may want to put a little bit of extra thought into choosing the perfect item to leave behind. These suggestions should help you find a thoughtful way to honor the memory of your loved one.


  1. Create A Bouquet Of Your Loved One’s Favorite Flowers


A beautiful way to celebrate the life of someone you care about is by bringing their favorite flowers to their grave. You don’t have to create a large bouquet. Instead, tying together a few flowers with a piece of twine is enough to create a lovely display.


  1. Choose Long-Lasting Flowers


Avoid delicate flowers that wilt too quickly. Instead, choose long-lasting varieties that will continue to look beautiful long after you place them at the grave. Geraniums, for instance, will last for weeks before they begin to fade. Perennials that grow back each year are also a good choice. For advice on which flowers are best, consider discussing your options with a florist. We’re currently entering the autumn, so here’s a complete guide of suitable flowers for a fall graveside and here are some ideas for winter. Needless to say, alter as the seasons go.


  1. Consider Silk Flowers


Today’s silk flowers include so much detail that they are practically impossible to distinguish from real flowers. Adding flowers like these to a loved one’s grave can create a long-lasting tribute to their memory. While silk flowers will eventually fade in the sun, they need to be replaced far less often than living flowers.


  1. Try A Headstone Spray


Florists can create beautiful arrangements of flowers known as headstone sprays that are designed to be placed on top of a headstone. Arrangements like these can be made out of either real or artificial flowers, depending on your preferences. You can also look into special wreaths or have a unique arrangement made for a meaningful holiday.


  1. Consider Options Other Than Flowers


Flowers are just one option when it comes to decorating a gravesite. Another thing you might try is leaving behind a pebble or stone. Other meaningful items to consider include stuffed animals, small statues, a ball from your loved one’s favorite sport, or any other item that they would have loved in life.


  1. Check The Rules Of The Cemetery


Most cemeteries have rules about what types of items can be placed around the graves. Find out what these rules are ahead of time so that you don’t inadvertently leave an item that is not allowed. Regulations like these are designed to keep the cemetery from getting too cluttered. They also help protect workers. For instance, glass vases are restricted at certain cemeteries. This is to keep workers from getting cut by broken glass if the vases shatter from exposure to the weather.


  1. Look Into Graveside Delivery


If the cemetery is in another town or if you don’t have a way to get there, you may be able to have a florist drop the flowers off directly at the grave. If you can’t find a florist with graveside delivery, contact the cemetery to see if they have someone available who can handle putting the flowers out on your behalf.

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