Design The Perfect Memorial Card

Memorial cards , Funeral Cards or Remembrance Cards are interchangeable terms for personalised cards given at funerals to commemorate the loss of a loved one.  A memorial card is a highly personal item, a keepsake that cherishes the memory of somebody close to you.

Traditionally memorial cards have been simple paper or cardboard squares or rectangles. Advances in print technology now allow for memorial cards to be printed on plastic and other materials.  We print high-definition PVC cards that are extremely durable, look stunning and can be conveniently stored in a wallet.

There a number of design elements to memorial cards with a wide variety of customisation options available.

Designing your memorial cards

Memorial cards are dual-sided cards which typically include a photograph of the person who has passed away in addition to a personal tribute such as a poem or short scrap of text.  Typically, memorial cards have been quite limited in terms of personalisation.  Our card-designer allows you to design your own card in minutes using your own images and text. Choose your own background image, photograph and add any text you like.

A scene over Howth Bay in Dublin 

Personalisation Options

No two people are alike so why should two memorial cards be alike.  You can easily personalise your memorial card according to a favourite family place, tradition or pastime. In short, your card can reflect the passions of the person in life.  Perhaps, they had a favorite quote, a song, or a quip that reflected their philosophy. Whatever the case may be.

For a background image, why not use a landmark, place or scene that had sentimental meaning to the person.

Memorial card wording

Memorial card wording typically contains but is not limited to:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth and Death
  • A favorite quote or poem
  • A photograph of the person
  • A favorite scene

There can be much more information or less, each card is completely personal and as such, should be exactly as you wish. Many people choose, simple uncluttered designs while others opt for more feature-rich cards.

Choosing a good font is key for an aesthetically pleasing card. We offer a wide-range of suitable fonts with various options for outlines and shadows to further enhance the look of the card.

Choosing an easy-to-read font will suit many funeral guests, young and old.